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  • 3 urgencies

    1 - nerf blink !! now if you are in the duel people are only using blink and shotgun, please nerf the blink !! I do not want to use this skill, much less shotgun to be able to win a duel.
    2 - I think it is very wrong for all players to be punished and to restart the dungeons and arenas just because 1 player has suffered disconnection !! is unfair and makes me want to stop playing .. because it seems that my valuable life time is not worth anything to you !! fix this.
    3 - in this last update 8.4 if someone is disconnected in the JvsJ you return to the central instead of returning to the activity you were doing.
    I love this game I'm waiting for new cosmetics, I want new clothes please make all these things I love you guys

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    Great updates, I really like it. thank you for sharing!