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  • Seriously?


    I can't find the feedback button in the game anymore. This forum is a ghost town, so don't know if anyone will ever read this. MFG suggested that I use their discord, but I can't seem to find any information regarding how to join their Discord. The Discord information should be shown in the forum navigation.

    I can't play the game in fullscreen mode on my Galaxy S10 Plus anymore. When I choose to force fullscreen for Shadowgun Legends in my phone's setting, it doesn't work. It used to work. I used to be able to play the game in fullscreen on this phone, but not anymore. Now the game looks off-center and aligned to the right side of my screen with a large black margin to the left. It looks ridiculous. All of the videos I record look bad now too because of this. I don't want to record videos unless they can be viewed properly.

    When I set the game's graphic details to "Low", it doesn't seem to work correctly. My character used to look matte (flat) when I set the game to low detail, and the visual quality looked crisp and clear, but now my character looks all shiney and reflective, and the visual quality looks washed out and fuzzy. My character should only look shiney and reflective when set to medium detail or higher. My frames per second used to be much higher when I set the detail to low, but now it's much lower. Somethings not right.

    A lot of aliens won't die in the game. It doesn't matter if I play an arena, dungeon, or mission. I can kill some aliens, but I eventually come across several that won't die after their health is full depleted. Switching weapon and shooting them replenishes their health, and then they can eventually be killed, but it's extremely frustrating. I often run out of ammo fast because they won't die. This bug occurred around this time last year, but it seems worse now.

    I see support ammo on the ground that I'm unable to pick up. This constantly happens when I play a dungeon or arena. There are times when I see several support ammo on the ground and can't pick any of them up.

    I pickup support ammo and it doesn't give me the correct amount of ammo. It often gives me only a few additional bullets.

    Very often I can't pick up trophies in Ascendancy. I just killed 4 enemy earlier and was unable to pick up any of the trophies. I stood on a trophy for about 10 seconds and then it finally let me collect it.

    I died in CTF and received a 30 second respawn time. I died 3 more times and each time I received a 30 second respawn time. I could literally run from one flag to the other in less than 30 seconds. Players need to be given a standard respawn time in CTF. When I take the size of the CTF map into consideration, I think the most appropriate respawn time should be 8 seconds. 10 seconds seems like it would be too long because it would give an enemy flag carrier too much of a headstart. Also, players should not respawn in waves. It's a 4v4 match, not a 32v32 match.

    When I try to revive a teammate in CTF, their tombstone vanishes when I run over to revive them. When I back away - their tombstone reappears. It's near impossible for me to revive a teammate in CTF. This really needs to be fixed. It would also help if players could see a countdown timer above a teammate's tombstone so they know exactly how much time they have to revive a player. I honestly think CTF would play much better if there was no way to revive teammates and tombstones would never appear. There are way too many cheaters in the game that seem to instantly revive their cheating teammates in a nanosecond.

    I played CTF and killed 11 opponents and never died. My score at the end of the match was 140. There were several players on the losing team that didn't score a single flag capture and they only achieved a few kills, and they had more than 1200 fame. It seemed like every time I killed an opponent, my fame was given to my opponents instead of me. The following match I killed 20 opponents and only received 770 fame. Players on the other team only had a few kills and nearly 2000 fame. Something definitely seems broken.

    I dueled a player and won. The score was 5/4. My opponent lost and was rewarded nearly 5000 fame. Makes no sense. Later I dueled another player that received over 7000 fame.

    I acquire a lot of junk loot when I play dungeons and arenas. I still receive duplicate and triplicate loot items that all have the same exact perks. This has been going on for over a year. There's no variety anymore. I constantly receive the same loot items over and over again. I never see any loot with good perks EVER. Everytime I finish a dungeon or arena, my teammates always type: junk, garbage, trash, crap, etc. It's really sad. It makes me not want to play the game. Would it really make a big difference if players were to always receive good loot with good perks? Think about it, they're going to acquire something good eventually, so what's the point of torturing them all the time? Why would you want to make them suffer the frustration of constantly receiving garbage loot? Just give them great loot all the time. If you were to do this, you would put a smile on ever player's face. Players would be happy all the time. This would only make players more hooked on trying to acquire better loot on every run they make. Make SGL great again. Giving players garbage loot every run is really cruel in my opinion. It would be nice to see some of my friends actually smile and feel happy once in a while. Every single friend I have in this game seems so miserable after they receive loot. Loot is the one thing that players look forward to most, and 99.9% of the time the loot is worse than garbage. I honestly cannot even remember the last time I played a dungeon or arena and kept one of the loot items that I received. I'm still wearing the same gear I was wearing a year ago. I'm still using the same weapons. I could literally show you a screenshot I took a year ago where I am wearing the same exact gear and holding the same exact weapons. The only thing that's different is my paint color, my hat, my belt, and my chest cosmetic. lmfao.

    I receive a lot of green and blue loot when I play daily missions. It's garbage. I have over 15 million fame. What use do I have for any loot that is green or blue? It makes absolutely no sense.

    There's a new bug when selling items that causes the game to freeze and then suddenly sells 2 items from my inventory instead of just 1. I keep losing extremely valuable items from my inventory because of this. This is not lag. I have an average ping of 20 in the game. I'm extremely careful when I sell items. I'm very aware of the pitfalls and booby traps in the game. The developers need to implement a feature that allows players to lock every individual item in their inventory to prevent items from being sold accidentally. If I accidentally sell an item - it is entirely the fault of the developers because they never implemented safe and secure buying and selling functionality.

    I was browsing Willow's store and reached over to grab my water bottle, and when I looked back at my screen - I noticed that I had mysteriously just purchased an AT Liska II submachine gun for 220 gold. Seriously? How long is this going to continue? I'm so sick and tired of accidentally buying and selling items. There is zero security in this game. This is completely unacceptable. Why is it that Penguins are more important than implementing safe and secure buying and selling functionality?

    I currently have 180 strongboxes in my inventory. These boxes need to stack like spray paint and stickers. Players should also be able to convert their boxes into materials if they do not wish to keep them in their inventory, which would be the most logical method to dispose of a strongbox. I'm going to repeat myself a thousandth time... I've already acquired every item from every strongbox. I sold all of the items because I have no need or desire to keep them. I refuse to continue to purchase keys just to get rid of the boxes. I constantly try to remember to drop the boxes before I return to the hub, but no matter what I do - these boxes just keep accumulating in my inventory. My inventory space is literally being hijacked. How is this ok? It's my inventory space. I paid for the inventory space. I should have full control over my inventory space. I should have the ability to dispose of anything in my inventory that I do not want. The strongboxes should stack, and if I don't want them in my inventory, I should be given some sort of way to dispose of them.

    I prefer to use an accuracy buff and a damage buff. I don't like having to visit the casino to get an accuracy buff, and then visit the bar to get a damage buff. It's always a huge pain in the ass to get the 2 buffs I want. I especially don't like visiting the bar and receiving 8 projectile resistance buffs in a row. Offer all 5 buffs at both the bar and casino. Cycle the buffs in a specific order every 10 to 15 seconds. Offer a projectile resistance buff, then an accuracy buff, then a damage buff, then a critical damage buff, then a damage to elites buff, in that order. And either make the buffs last 1 hour, or make it so buffs never expire, since that would be the most user-friendly, and it would make the most logical sense. The horrible buffing system is making me want to uninstall the game and never play it again. The buffing system is literally the worst game functionality I have ever seen in my near 25 years of fps development. When I think of the total amount of time I've wasted standing in the bar and casino waiting to get buffs, listening to that horrible music in the bar, and the nasty headache bells in the casino, it just makes me sick to my stomach. It's the total opposite of user-friendly or fun. It's a total f**king nightmare.
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    Another thing...

    When a player chooses to respect their skill tree, it should never cost a player gold or any kind game currency. I've played so many games that have a skill tree, and I have never had to pay to respec my tree in any of those games. Each skill in this game has 5 levels before it reaches its max, which is just dumb. The skills should have no levels at all. The skills should just be locked or unlocked. Respec'ing a skill tree should be fast and simple. Players should be able to press the respec button and simply choose the 20 skills they want to unlock and be done in just a few seconds. It should be user-friendly. Currently it's the exact opposite of user-friendly. I earned my 20 skill points, so why do I have to keep paying money every time I want to respec my skill tree? It's cruel, and you will never be able to convince me that there is a logical reason for it.

    The reason why this game is so loaded with glitches, bugs, and poor functionality is because everything is too complex. If some of the complex functionality in the game were to be changed to be more simple and basic, the game would be less buggy and glitchy, and it would run much smoother, and it would be much more user friendly. If you were to make things more simplified such as the skill tree and the buffing system, the game would only run smoother. I know a lot of hard work went into making everything complicated, but I think it's time to undo the unfriendly and complex functionality and make the game more simplified and as user friendly as possible.

    ​​​​​It should take a player less than 10 seconds to respec their skill tree if they were to do it fast, and it shouldn't cost them anything.

    Buffs should never expire, and if a player wants to change their buffs, they should be able to enter either the bar or casino and get 2 of the 5 buffs that the game offers and be ready in less than a minute.

    A better buffing system? Just let players choose their buffs from within their skill tree user interface. Add 5 icons that represent the 5 buffs. Allow a player to choose a maximum of 2 of the 5 buffs. There's absolutely no logical reason why the buffs should ever have an expiration.

    If you worry that players won't drink booze in the bar anymore, simply award players fame for killing 20 aliens while being completely shitface drunk. I honestly don't know why there has never been any fame rewards introduced for completing drunken tasks. Sometimes I think the developers of this game have never played a drinking game in their entire lives. I can think of a million drunken tasks a player could be given, lol.

    I have a ton of bug reports and suggestions, but I would prefer to post it in the bug reporting and suggestions sections of this forum. It would be great if that were possible. An ETA on when bug reporting and suggestions will be available would be much appreciated. Thanks 😊👍
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      I found the Feedback Button today...
      It's on the left side of the Pause screen.


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        I noticed the Grinch bug is back. Every time I acquire new loot, the perks change after I restart the game. It's funny how I never acquire loot with good perks ever, but recently I started to acquire loot with amazing perks, and then I restart the game and my loot has crappy perks. I've completely had it with this game.


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          I have a lot of friends in this game and they all seem very upset. They keep telling me that MFG has completely abandoned this game and are pouring all their efforts and focus towards other projects. I really hope that's not true. Some of my friends have invested more money in this game than I have. We don't want to see another game event until the problems in this game are fixed.

          I have 198 strongboxes in my inventory. It's my inventory, I paid for my inventory space. I should have the ability to remove any strongboxes that I don't want cluttering my inventory. I unintentionally sold another extremely valuable item from my inventory yesterday, which was an item I've had for over a year, and I definitely would've locked the item to prevent it from ever being sold if such functionality existed. The item was stolen from me. I've lost count of how many extremely valuable items were unintentionally sold because of the bugs that exist in the game. The buying and selling functionality needs to be secure. I feel completely robbed. I accidentally purchased the Dominator bundle again just by hovering my thumb too close to the screen. I completed an arena and received 3 of the same loot items that all had the same perks, and then I played the same arena 4 more times and the same thing occurred each time. I recorded a video of trying to get an accuracy buff from the casino and a damage buff from the bar, and it took me a total of 12 minutes to finally get the buffs I needed. And then it took me 7 minutes just to join gold arena. I'm so sick of this.

          ​​​Not counting the brand new Razer Phone 2 gaming phone I purchased in early February because the game was completely unplayable for 2 months on iPhone, I later purchased a brand new unlocked Galaxy S10 Plus because I wanted a headphone jack so I could record internal sound easier when recording gameplay videos. I've also spent more than $2200 on in-game purchases between the Apple store and Google Play store, and I've sent hundreds of dollars in through PayPal to my good friends because I was unable to send them certain items in the game as gifts. None of those friends even play the game anymore because of all the bugs and problems in the game, and the overpopulation of cheaters.

          It would take so little to fix this game. I could fix the game myself if I was given the chance. I'm beginning to think that there are currently no well educated MFG developers currently employed that know how to fix anything in the game. It's as if the only developers they have on staff are only working on new game events. Fix the game.

          Is there anybody at MFG that bothered to read this message?

          I still can't even find the feedback button in the game.

          I've had so many extremely valuable items stolen from me because of the bug when selling items.

          I had a pair of Hawk premium shoulders with white lights and 12% loot perks that the game stole from me. I loved those shoulders, and I will never in a million years ever acquire them again.

          My Hazard chest plate stolen from me.

          My Epic Sakar II with 10% rate of fire, 10% damage, and 15% critical damage stolen from me. It was my most sought-after weapon. I've literally collected thousands of Sakars in the game and it took me nearly 2 years to acquire one with amazing perks like that.

          I want these items back. I have videos that prove I once owned these items. I've sent feedback in the past explaining what was stolen from me, and these items were never replaced. It would have been nice to at least receive an explanation.

          ​​​​​​Seriously, what the hell is going on?
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            I just finished writing the message above, then I launched the game and joined Silver arena, and this is the garbage triplicate loot I received at the end. 3 items that are the same and have the same exact perks (see attached images). I've acquired a thousand or more Phoenix FYR machineguns in silver arena because of this bug, and not once have I ever received one with good perks. This is the same crappy loot I receive every time I play the game. And it doesn't just occur with the Phoenix FYR, it happens with so many different loot items in every dungeon and arena. This has been going on for well over a year. The developers need to fix this immediately. This is completely unacceptable. This is what sucks most about PvE.

            The buffing systems sucks. The completely unsecure buying and selling functionality sucks. The bugs in the buying and selling functionality cause users to unintentionally buy and sell items, which feels like theft when a user unintentionally sells an item that was extremely valuable to them. Or when a user unintentionally buys an item that costs a lot of gold. How are these things acceptable? Players have been complaining about these things for a very long time. The developers need to implement functionality that offers players the ability to lock every individual inventory item so a locked item can never be "accidentally" sold.

            Some user sends in a sketch of a cool imaginary gear bundle and the developers make it a reality, and everybody smiles, and everything is wonderful. This really pisses me off.

            Users could send in thousands of requests to fix the problems in the game and the developers don't seem to want to listen or do anything to fix the problems. If they listened, and if they cared, then these problems wouldn't still exist. They seem too busy working on a new ridiculous cosmetics and events. When are the developers going to start caring about how the game actually plays? When are they going to fix the problems?

            If somebody decides to play silver arena for a solid 8 hours with buffs, they are going to waste approximately 1 hour or more in total waiting to receive the exact buffs they want. And after playing for 8 hours, and after receiving duplicate and triplicate loot almost every time they complete silver arena, they will probably acquire 30 or more Phoenix FYR machineguns with incredibly lame perks. And when they sell their loot, they risk unintentionally selling an item in their inventory they they consider extremely valuable based on its rarity more than its actually price value. Just entering the stores in the game runs the risk of purchasing one of the preselected expensive bundles since the purchase button is active and hot, and the purchase button is located directly below the user's right thumb. Most of the latest phones will detect a screen touch without actually touching the screen.

            A new event releases, and the problems still exist.

            A new weapon model releases, and the problems still exist.

            A new bundle releases, and the problems still exist.

            A new game update fixes 10 bugs, and 20 new bugs surface, and the existing problems still exist.

            Most aliens won't die, and most aliens literally regenerate health as you're shooting them. This happens in PvE and in single player missions. Where the hell did this bug come from? Why wasn't this fixed immediately?

            In the release notes of each game update, it might help to add a long list of all the new bugs we can look forward to instead of just showing a list of bug fixes, especially when most of the fixed bugs on the list aren't actually fixed.

            I test everything thoroughly. I make notes of every bug and problem that exists. I've worked on lots of games, and I've never released anything that had bugs or problems. I make sure everything is heavily tested and functioning properly before release. If a bug or problem surfaces, I fix it immediately. I would never put it on hold or put cosmetics higher on the priority list. It's shocking to me when I see so many bugs and problems in this game, especially when new cosmetics and events keep rolling out despite so many long existing problems. I can understand that MFG wants to make money, but I think it's more important that they make sure that every user is getting their money's worth.

            A friend of mine decided to respec their skill tree, and they made a mistake, and they didn't have enough gold to respec their tree again, so they purchased $5 worth of gold just to respec their skill tree. That's like robbery. It shouldn't cost anything to respec a skill tree - ever.

            The developers expand the inventory, but users have to pay for the additional empty boxes. What??? Some little kid out there is going to ask his mom... Mom, can I borrow your credit card, I want to purchases some empty boxes in this game.

            I think I'll go to the store and buy an empty bottle of soda, because that makes so much sense.

            My inventory was so overloaded with strongboxes that I immediately paid for the additional inventory space when the game update offered it. I felt like I was paying for air just so I could breathe.

            If I ordered a Big Mac combo at McDonald's, they don't charge me money for the straw, napkins, and ketchup packets. It's considered complimentary.

            Nothing in this game is complementary.

            What I will never understand is why buffs expire. Nobody gains anything from buffs expiring. The developers don't gain anything, and the players don't gain anything. It's just a huge waste of time, and it's incredibly frustrating, and it's illogical. It's dumb.
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              I just came back to this game, rank 26 now, having had two previous accounts, both rank 27 with thousands of pvp kills and.........

              It’s still a buggy mess!!!

              No point in listing them as they won’t be fixed.

              I also had the same issue with armour perks changing after purchase, always to lower spec.

              It seems to me this game is barely on life support.


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                Oh, and the gold bug recently. That's easily the worst bug I've ever seen in a game. Fire that developer. Players purchased gold boxes full of emotes for themselves, and after they acquired every emote from the box, they would continue to purchase the box for 590 gold, and when they would open the box - they would receive 720 gold in return. After rumor spread, a lot of players abused this hell out of this bug, and I can't say I blame them. They would get 130 free gold for every box they bought themselves. They spent the entire day siphoning gold from the game. Some players managed to siphon hundreds of thousands of gold. Worst development mistake I've ever seen. This explains why the game is so full of bugs and bad functionality. Obviously there's a monkey doing all the coding, or someone smoking a ton of crack.

                I purchased another gold supply of 100 gold a day for 30 days, and it immediately gave me 100 gold and told me that I have 28 payments left instead of 29. It's like no matter what I do in the game, I get screwed over. Yesterday I didn't even receive any gold.

                And what's up with every glove only having accuracy perks now? And every leg gear only having magazine perks? Fire that developer. Christ. It's bad enough all players are receiving duplicate, triplicate, and quadruple crappy loot items with the exact same perks every time they complete a dungeon or arena, and when we finally obtain an item that is different - it has the worst perks imaginable. What happened to the mix of perks we used to receive? What happened to the rare items with awesome perks? It's like items with rare perks just don't exist anymore.

                2 unknown low rank teammates decided to exit the game during the first wave of silver arena, and I decided to complete it by myself. I used just my pistol until I got to the final boss, then I used my machinegun. I recorded it. I've completed silver arena many times by myself. It's fun. But, what wasn't fun was receiving quadruple loot at the end. That's some serious BS right there. My luck has gotten so bad in this game - it almost feels like some developer has placed bad luck on me, which I wouldn't be surprised about 1 bit considering how much I call them out on there bad development. It's not a matter of me thinking that I could do a better job of programming this game. I know I could do it better.

                I would honestly rather play a version of this game from early 2018, because back then everything was better, way better. Everything in the game totally sucks now. I just launched the game to play it and have some fun, but instead I wound up spending almost 10 minutes trying to get the buffs I wanted, and then I exited the game to come here to grumble about it. I hate the buffing system so much. I'd honestly rather eat glass covered in fecal matter than endure the horrible buffing system in the game.

                I get that the creators and developers want the game to be fun and exciting, and I know they've worked hard to make the game great, but it's not great right now, and I don't see any hard work being put into the game to make the game better. I'm only seeing a small amount of work being done, and the work being done is full of mistakes, and none of the existing problems and bugs are being addressed and fixed. And yet some part of me still believes that if I keep grumbling about it - that the developers might finally fix the game, but I've just about given up all hope. It's really sad.

                I just purchased 5 Dominator bundles in hopes that 1 of the bundles might have a body with tripple health perks, because I'm still upset that the game stole the Dominator body I had that had 40 health, but instead I wound up with 5 bundles and every single item had the worst perks I've ever seen. I spent real money and got crap in return. Meanwhile I have friends that have siphoned about half a million free gold from the game, and they can now purchase whatever they want in the game for the next several years. You would need to fix every single bug in the game and make all of the loot drops freaking amazing just to make up for that major malfunction.
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                  SUICIDAL, brother I feel your pain... As seen by the lack of ANY response from MFG to your very well written posts where their attention is. I realize that they're a small Dev co., but if you plan to have multiple IP's in the fire at once, obviously make the plans and budget to support them ALL AT ONCE. I've had support requests go on for literally weeks, only to be dropped by madfinger. Any attempt to revitalize on my end falls on deaf ears... (What's up Marek, it's me, RedSix. Why ya gotta ghost a brotha?)

                  I've pretty much moved on. (Im sure you can guess where my attention has shifted) since now I can't get through more than 2 missions without glitching out and watching my progress disappear into a reloading screen. Where's the love MFG? Have you moved everyone over to War Games?

                  I'm gonna go try to find the discord, which is unbelievably stupid. I cannot believe I have to leave the madfinger games owned website, access an app or website -not owned by the developer- to post a support request or read news and information about the game this developer has made and "supports". Props to @JHC gaming for still playing and making videos supporting a game that couldn't care less about the work he puts in giving them free publicity.



                  P.s. gonna go tally up the money I've spent on this game so far since the beta (of which I was an original tester for) and report back. If for no other reason than to show why it is I have the right and the power to demand that these requests be responded to in a timely fashion. Just FYI... It'll be in the if not thousands I imagine.


                  • Tomas | MFG
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                    Hi Red Six, It is Tomas from MADFINGERS. I would like to apologize for our inactivity here on the forum. I would like to ask please if it is possible to send all your concerns to our customer support. This is the best way how to get the answer in a short period of time. The link for the report is here:

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                  Why does my post say "unapproved"? Please tell me in all that is good and holy that you are not requiring an approval from a moderator for a post to go through.


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                    Hi Red Six, It is Tomas from MADFINGERS. I would like to apologize for our inactivity here on the forum. I would like please to ask if it is possible to send all your concerns to our customer support. This is the best way how to get the answer in a short period of time. The link for the report is here:


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                      Is Tomas a Mad Finger Games robot?
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                      • Tomas | MFG
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                        No, I am real. So you can start to be real too, if you like.

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                      It's just that your last 2 replies were identical, which is typical of a bot auto-response, especially since it didn't sound human in nature. Try sounding more human and less robotic.

                      I'm not sure how real you want me to be.

                      I've had to sell everything because of the overpopulation of strongboxes in my inventory. I have nearly 300 strongboxes right now. The strongboxes are a scam, otherwise MFG would've simply offered users the ability to dismantle a strongbox into material a long time ago, and MFG would've also made the strongboxes stack like paint and stickers.

                      I have unintentionally sold so many of my most valued items because a security question does not appear for every item that a user can sell in the game.

                      I have unintentionally purchased so many expensive items and bundles because a security question does not appear for every item that can be purchased in the game.

                      I have a list of more than 200 bugs, but I would feel too embarrassed to post the list because MFG has clearly shown that they very obviously have no intention of fixing this game. Should I offer my time if MFG is not going to offer their time in return?

                      I have hundreds of suggestions that are feasible and would make ever player happy if implemented, but again, I feel too embarrassed to post my suggestions. I believe it would be a complete waste of my time.

                      Everything sucks in this game because nothing functions properly. Most of the functionality is broken and full of bugs, and most of the functionality that does function properly - is implemented poorly and could be easily tweaked to perform better, which would eliminate a tremendous amount of frustration that users constantly experience and endure. In general the game has become repetitive and boring. MFG doesn't seem to understand what the word "replayability" means, nor do they know how to implement functionality that offers endless replayability. For example, the stores in the game constantly sell the same items every 6 hours, and even when the items change, it's like the game simply rotates only 3 or 4 of the same items over and over again when there are hundreds of items that should be rotated constantly. It's boring. The game offers about 1% alternate choice when it should be offering about 50% alternate choice.

                      The gameplay is always the same and offers zero replayability. For example, I know exactly where all the aliens are going to spawn in every mission, dungeon, and arena. I know the exact types of aliens that will spawn, and I know exactly what the aliens will do once they spawn.

                      The artificial intelligence in the game is too predictable. There is zero randomness when it comes to alien spawn locations and alien behavior. The aliens don't have any realistic behavior physics at all. The aliens are simply magnets that move to the closest threat. Aliens should have a wide variety of random moods, choices, waypoints, and tactical coordination. I understand that it would be asking too much for a major change in Ai behavior, but there needs to be some sort of randomness as far as alien spawn locations, and the types of aliens that spawn should be randomized too.

                      Some aliens fire their weapons too inaccurately, and other aliens use aimbot. Some aliens inflict too much damage, especially when they explode, and other aliens inflict damage that is too low. I feel like I would be wasting my time if I were to continue discussing the lack of smart Ai behavior, Ai physics, and the Ai damage properties - because I truly believe that MFG has zero interest in further improving the game. It would be nice if MFG would show more interest in wanting to improve this game.

                      Shadowgun Wargames will fail. I could give a lot of exact reasons why, but I know MFG doesn't want to hear it. Maybe MFG stands to profit, but users stand to gain nothing, and the users will lose interest in the game. It doesn't matter how many cosmetics you offer in Wargames because the characters don't change, and the game modes are nothing new. If you could tap into my brain, you would have access to an unlimited amount of new game mode scenarios that offer unlimited replayability and endless addictive fun.

                      Shadowgun Legends could be greatly fine tuned into one of the best games ever, and it could offer endless replayability, satisfying fun, and keep users entertained for many years to come, but MFG doesn't see the potential, nor do they see how they could make 10 times as much money, while at the same time keeping every user extremely interested and beyond happy. The key to a great coop game is how intelligent and random you can make the Ai behavior, Ai spawn locations, and the types of Ai that spawn.

                      The buffing system needs to be changed. Buffs should never expire. The bar and casino should both offer all 5 buffs in a specific order every 15 seconds. If MFG will never decide to change the buffs so they never expire, then MFG should at least change the buffs so they last 1 hour before expiring. There should also be detection added to the game that will detect and remember the last buffs a player used, and the player should first be given the same exact buffs they last used before any new buffs are offered in a specific order. It's called smart technology. It's 2020, all technology is smart these days and remembers your preferences, remembers what you last used, and what you like the most, but this game has no smart technology at all, which is an unfortunate shame. This game definitely needs smart technology.

                      Why do so many aliens fail to die when their health is depleted? Why do aliens rejuvenate health as they take damage? Will MFG ever fix this?

                      Will there ever be cheat protection in the game? PvP is loaded with cheaters. I don't trust the PvP mode in this game. The PvP mode is also nothing more than a Faraday spawn rape game.

                      Are there any plans for the 4th planet? I don't believe so.

                      Will Martial Massage ever be implemented? I don't believe so.

                      Why are new events being released and no new game updates? When can users expect a new game update that will fix the most problematic bugs?

                      This game has so much potential, but it seems obvious that MFG has moved on to other projects.

                      I collected 1500 hearts during this last event, but I can only exchange the hearts for a gay looking assault rifle that never offers good perks, or I can exchange the hearts for 1 can of ugly spray paint. The event ends in less than 24 hours. Is this what the game has come to? Is the next event going to be an equally lame waste of time?

                      When was the last time anything was fixed in the game?

                      Would MFG like my help? Or are they too proud to ask for my help?

                      Fix the aliens that won't die, and fix the buffing system, then I will have incentive to post a long list of bugs and suggestions. Just fix something already, and start with the most needed fixes first. Otherwise don't bother responding and pretending to help.

                      This is the official MFG SGL discussion forum. I don't know why anyone at MFG would ignore this forum or try to redirect users to an alternate means of discussion.

                      I apologize in advance for any typos and poor grammar. I don't feel like proofreading this message.
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                        Your words here Sui are almost prophetic
                        The Wargames failed,and after every update this Bugland game keeps getting worse To many nitwits in Mfg