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    Hallo all,
    why i cant get Gloves With damage perk for aussault rifles. I get only Gloves With aim Perk. I have ask Many Players and he Say „ this is a bug“ is that True?

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    MFG likes to change things around to keep the game active. But really all it does is piss users off.
    They removed most damage perks from gear & lowered heath & accuracy...this is why you only see accuracy & ammo perks.


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      Hi, this is not actually an intended change. It is a bug with the perks on gloves and leg armor. We hope to fix it soon.


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        When because playing everyday and not getting good gear or better gear is leaving a bad taste in my mouth and I'm sure many others to. Also the gear is not just hard to get some is super hard so watched heaps of YouTube where JHC and others show areas to get gear but still waiting for some of it to drop.........