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Bandit smg for end of December 2020 Christmas event?

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  • Bandit smg for end of December 2020 Christmas event?

    I saw a YouTube vid of BANDIT the legendary SMG by sadegh sepehri. They buy the smg from Pedro with Christmas Event 2019 bells. Currently, Little Helper rifle is the only weapons available with bell purchase. Hopefully, the Bandit will come on New Years Eve 2020. I've been playing for 137 days and still don't have it. I'be seen a player with 27 days with the Bandit SMG.

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    Days count for hours played...playtime. If I remember right, Bandit is the only weapon that hasn't made a second appearance....yet.


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      So, after new years in January 2021. Pedro has Golden Heist Adventure. The last mission, clean the arena dressed as janitor and steal the legendary weapon. The only thing that drops is uncommon grey colored items from chest. A purple epic item drops is you replay the adventure retold like 50 times. No legendary weapon drops in the arena for player to steal.

      After Golden Heist Adventure is complete, received purple epic Green Envy SMG from Pedro. No, legendary Bandit SMG nor item. From jingle bells with nothing to buy but Little Helper rifle to Green Envy smg, which is only good in PVP with accuracy buff. Worst COVID 19 game of XMas 2020 to 2021 New Years. Went back to other games, but will leave feedback for SGL in appropriate section... eventually.