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Happy 3rd Anniversary SGL 🎉

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  • Happy 3rd Anniversary SGL 🎉

    I installed this game the day it released, March 22nd 2018, on my birthday, exactly 3 years ago today. I remember greatly anticipating the release of the game. I had way too much fun that day. I'm still playing, and I'm still in Johnie's JHC guild. I think I'm the last remaining active member. Friends in the game ask me why I'm still in JHC and I tell them that it's to remind the veterans of the good times we used to have back when Johnie was livestreaming speed runs, giveaways, and giving us guide tutorials and patch updates about new weapons, gear, etc. I'm a JHC relic lol.

    Hats off to my friends and fellow players that have been around since the beginning and are still playing the game. It's been a long ride.

    Thanks MFG.
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    Been around since the beginning have some of the bugs