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  • Please help me...

    Sorry my english (translator).

    This is not normal... One melee hit, one projectile - 80% HP down.
    Dread -​​​ one melee attack: 120+- HP down.
    Grunt - one projectile shot: 110+- HP down.

    My health,resilience:
    151 HP - (15% skills + 29 HP armor)
    35% explosion re​​​​​​sistance - (25% skills + 10% armor)
    31% melee resistance - (15% skills + 16% armor)
    19% projectile resistance - (15% buff + 4% armor)
    16% knockdown resistance - (armor)

    It happens to me mainly in the arenas. I'm still dying.
    That's when i'm leaving - new connection - other arena. Everything is suddenly fine...
    I had to change my name. I'm ashamed, i feel embarrased. It is not my fault!
    I love this game... But it is unnecessarily complicated.
    Revival button, door opening. Does not work on the first try.
    Door opening - no problem.
    Revival button: fifth round of the arena (silver, gold).
    When my teammates are dead - we are all dead.
    A fat bastard will kill me - button does not work on first try. He should be very sensitive.


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    Revival button:
    This sounds like Lag.

    151 HP - (15% skills + 29 HP armor), 19% projectile resistance - (15% buff + 4% armor), 16% knockdown resistance - (armor):
    These are all Armor issues. Find a Chest over 29%, drop 4% PR in chest for higher can get PR from changing your skills,
    70% knockdown boots are in Gold. But, I usually only use 30% because I want 10% cooldown & 10% explosion.

    Also check with Nitro & Big Red to buy Chest Armor.

    Good Luck.


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      Riksh commented
      Editing a comment
      Thank you Memnoch. I will try it. Mainly i don't want to spoil the game with other players. We are one team! Shadowguns :-):-):-)