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  • Please help me...

    Sorry my english (translator).

    This is not normal... One melee hit, one projectile - 80% HP down.
    Dread -​​​ one melee attack: 120+- HP down.
    Grunt - one projectile shot: 110+- HP down.

    My health,resilience:
    151 HP - (15% skills + 29 HP armor)
    35% explosion re​​​​​​sistance - (25% skills + 10% armor)
    31% melee resistance - (15% skills + 16% armor)
    19% projectile resistance - (15% buff + 4% armor)
    16% knockdown resistance - (armor)

    It happens to me mainly in the arenas. I'm still dying.
    That's when i'm leaving - new connection - other arena. Everything is suddenly fine...
    I had to change my name. I'm ashamed, i feel embarrased. It is not my fault!
    I love this game... But it is unnecessarily complicated.
    Revival button, door opening. Does not work on the first try.
    Door opening - no problem.
    Revival button: fifth round of the arena (silver, gold).
    When my teammates are dead - we are all dead.
    A fat bastard will kill me - button does not work on first try. He should be very sensitive.


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    Revival button:
    This sounds like Lag.

    151 HP - (15% skills + 29 HP armor), 19% projectile resistance - (15% buff + 4% armor), 16% knockdown resistance - (armor):
    These are all Armor issues. Find a Chest over 29%, drop 4% PR in chest for higher can get PR from changing your skills,
    70% knockdown boots are in Gold. But, I usually only use 30% because I want 10% cooldown & 10% explosion.

    Also check with Nitro & Big Red to buy Chest Armor.

    Good Luck.


    • Riksh
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      Thank you Memnoch. I will try it. Mainly i don't want to spoil the game with other players. We are one team! Shadowguns :-):-):-)

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    So how are things going, did you make the improvements..??
    Big Red's chest armor will cost gold, but it's worth it. Don't bother about the rest of the set, just worry about the chest.
    If you check every 6 hours, you should find 39 or 40+ in the about 3 days.


    • Riksh
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      No money... This Christmas. Maybe.

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    I have you butterfly +39 HP. I'II stop the game. Uninstall...I will wait 2 years.... I want you gold gloves- 210x Blade dancer, 120x Silver arena. Nothing, only scrap... Only acuracy perks. Bye-bye fuck this game!!!!!!!