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Shadowgun Legends 0.4.4. Patch notes

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  • Shadowgun Legends 0.4.4. Patch notes

    Great news! Shadowgun Legends Update 0.4.4 is out! We have just released a new update with new features, many improvements to your gameplay experience and plenty of bug fixes. Thank you for all your feedback, we really appreciate it.

    New features
    • Spectator mode, you can spectate other players and chat with them until you respawn.
    • Messages from your squad now also appear in your live feed.

    Improvements and balancing
    • Vendor introduction improved. You will now know exactly when each vendor and each area of the hub unlocks.
    • Your Fame matters in a Guild. All guild members are now sorted by their fame.
    • Voltaic fist dungeon difficulty balanced.
    • Two additional gold slot machines added to the Casino for more sweet jackpots.
    • Balancing of Gunslinger skill; bonus damage is now reduced from 100% to 50%
    • Visual improvements of explosions, muzzle flashes, energy hit effects and much more.
    • Navigation tweaked in multiple missions.

    Bug fixes
    • Fixed bug where players had no missions available and could not level up.
    • Fixed bug where money bomb became invisible if the player threw it and opened Player screen or Equip screen immediately after.
    • Fixed bug where players statistics were not updated after finishing arena or coop.
    • Fixed bug where player saw interaction wheel of other players while using the slot machine.
    • Fixed bug where players were not able to chat with each other after death in Arena.
    • Fixed bug where the game was crashing after opening the settings menu from the mission and returning back to the game.
    • Fixed bug where texts from live feed were in a wrong position for the Japanese version of the game.
    • Fixed bug where the player could get blocked by NPCs in certain missions.
    • Fixed bug where players in the same squad would sometimes play in two different arenas.
    • Fixed bug where game sometimes crashed during the initial introduction of the hub.
    • Fixed bug where guild name was shown without spaces in the leaderboards.
    • Fixed bug where perks on bought items would change after restarting the game.
    • Fixed bug where the description of a skill was overlapping in the Russian language
    • Fixed bug where the player was not able to leave arena while dead and two other players left the game.
    • Fixed bug where item dropped from backpack would instantly be picked up again, as it was not dropped far enough.
    • Fixed bug where certain objects in missions were missing assigned materials.
    • Fixed bug where Mission Successful text was overlapping its box in certain languages.
    • Fixed issue where certain operations could not be finished, as the doors were not opening.
    • Fixed issue where the checkpoint was loaded incorrectly after dying in the virtual simulation part of the mission; The Bear Truth 2.
    • Fixed multiple object art issues; mainly missing polygons, wrong model alignment and objects disappearing from certain angles.
    • Fixed issue where custom controller configuration was reset after disconnecting and reconnecting controller.
    • Fixed issue where a single shot was fired after sprint reload.
    • Fixed incorrect information on how perks should be unlocked.
    • Fixed issue where the list of friends did not show guild tags of players.
    • Fixed issue where the ammo count was incorrect after first weapon switch.
    • Fixed bug where all locked perks were displayed as Rank 1 perks.
    • Fixed bug where player’s tombstone was in the air and revive was not possible.

    Many other fixes and tweaks.

    Let us know what you think. #WeListen

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    Thank you for working hard on this awesome game. One big issue still is the controller. I am now able to see options for mapping but the inputs are still not doing anything. The controls say the triggers should aim and fire but I get nothing during the game. Please fix this. I am currently using a moga power. Thanks.


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      Same issue with controller here. Was very excited for the controller mapping, but the two trigger buttons don't work. Everything else on my controller seems to work fine.


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        When comes Update 0.5 ?


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          May according to the devs.


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              Physical Controller worked after previous update. Mapping was gone but appeared sometime however all bottons worked.

              Now its its back to the way it was originally. Where the mapping doesn’t recognize the bottons. For example left trigger only alows you to bring a a white circle selection icon. Please fix. Can’t really play until it’s fixed.