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Banned till 9999 for just playing.

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  • Banned till 9999 for just playing.

    Basically I binge played all threw Thanksgiving day weekend. I was excited to get to rank 20 I was on rank 18. So I started playing all night long on my phone (pixel XL 2) . Well my phone battery was dying so I grabbed my 2nd phone (Galaxy s8 plus) and downloaded from play store SGL logged 8n thru FB started playing plugged in other phone to charge. Great now I have full battery time to play. So I realize only so many days left to get token to buy armor,weapons,etc from Pedro. So ok time to farm tokens. I realized I needed to find though blue drones to get tokens great. So I keep playing missions. . .......So here is why I think they banned me? I played a match Wargames Blade Dancer. While playing with 2 random people I see this map has lot of tokens cool. While playing I realize the other 2 players were not completing mission just staying in one area waiting till blue drones spawn and kill them 4 tokens to spend at Pedro. So I never played that mission then it was my first time in that map.So I completed next steps alone got us to end of mission we're it spawns all players together to fight boss.. by then it was at least an hour or so in match. Completed match. Back at hub see I have won almost 250 tokens in one match! Excited so I go play same mission again with random players online,but this time other players not farming tokens they complete mission in normal time.So keep playing few more match like this buy some items from Pedro. Make it to rank 20 excited time for sleep. Wake up to play game. Games loads me into jail cell says I'm banned? ...................Appealed it. They email me back one response and won't respond back. There response...."You we're caught cheating while in game. With Regards.-Thomas"????? ......So playing game gets me banned?So playing same mission over and over is cheating? So farming tokens is cheating? Why let so many drones keep spawning in match?IDK but I just want this banned lifted and my account back. I'm not hacking or cheating anything both my phone's a stock not rooted. And I worked my butt of to get to rank 20 and spent money on game. Just to be ripped away under a false accusation. GAMER TAG-Geo813. ANDROID 9 PIE
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    Hello Geo, we are sorry for this situation, but we need to clear up one thing - your account was not banned for farming. There are no rules against that. Your account was banned for using a modified version of the game when playing, unfortunately.


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    What modified version? How? I downloaded game from Google play store. Edit.. Ok checked into the app it appears I downloaded that night the game from apkpure website. Not knowing it was a mod version on my second phone. I did not know at the time this was a problem downloading game from web I was just trying to get back in the game since my other phone was dead. Besides that I'm innocent. I didn't see any mod or cheating into affect while playing that night. I deleted that app from my phone looks identical to the one from play store how would I know? Anyways I would really like my account back I will 9nly download from play store now that I know what happened I won't do it again. I gained nothing from said modded version app as I did not even know it was modded. Please here me out
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      I’m sorry, but this thread made me laugh so hard.

      Geo, you got banned for being a dummy, lol.

      Come on man, you should know better than to download the game from an unknown source. I understand that you now realize that you made a mistake, but you did make a dumb mistake.

      I’m sure the ban taught you a valuable lesson, and I can only assume that you learned from your mistake and you probably won’t make the same mistake again, but I don’t think an apology will get you unbanned. I don’t think admitting you made a dumb mistake would get you unbanned either.

      But don’t feel bad man, it could happen to any dummy, lol.

      I laughed so hard when you said the game loaded you into a jail cell. Lmao. I’m sorry man, but that’s hilarious.