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Lost performance on s9+

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  • Lost performance on s9+

    Did you notice a big lost of a graphic performance on s9+ after last system update to android pie. The Game shutters especialy on a gold arena, but there are problems also in solo missions.

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    I’m sorry. I don’t mean to butt-in, but just hearing you mention something like that makes me soooo not want to waste money on a better phone just to play this game. And to think I was so close to almost purchasing an s9+.

    The problems with the game will probably get fixed eventually, but I keep seeing more new content and features being added, and less things being fixed. If they continue down this path, things could get far worse before they get better.

    This game used to run very smoothly. The game should always be running smoothly, with no bugs or glitches. And when a bug does occur, it should be the highest priority to fix the bug right away. Allowing bugs to exist and continuously adding new content, features and functionality is just a recipe for disaster.

    I launch the game and crash almost instantly. Since then, even more new things have been added to the game. If that’s not a disaster, then I don’t know what is.

    Bug report? For starters, I can’t play the game at all without crashing. I can only imagine if that if I could actually play the game without crashing, that I would find an infestation of bugs, lol. But let’s just keep implementing new buggy content, because that’s a great idea.

    They need to find every bug and fix it. If there is any functionality that is buggy and they can’t figure out how to fix it, then they need to get rid of that functionality, even if it means sacrificing something awesome.
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      Maybe try to reverting back to the previous system before pie.