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Game stuck on "initializing game data"

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  • Game stuck on "initializing game data"

    Since I think March 11, two nights ago I have not been able to play this game right after finishing collecting the gold I paid for. All it does is continually get stuck on the "initializing game data" splash screen and will not finish loading the game.

    I have tried everything I can possibly think of. I have restarted my phone, make sure it's updated, cleaned out the cache and data, reinstalling the game, checking for anything running in the background that could be causing some kind of problem, scanning my phone for viruses and anything else troublesome, turning off any security software that could be causing a problem. I even tried contacting support but so far they haven't done anything to help me.

    I even tried talking to my friend who programs games like this who has worked on games I'm sure many of you have probably played before including PC, console, and mobile games. He told me it sounds like it's stuck waiting for the server to talk to it but it's just hanging there waiting because it's not getting a response. He also said if that's the problem and my connection is fine and my network is fine, which it is, then it's probably not a problem on my end and has something to do with something that's going on on their end. If that's the case then I don't know what else to do. I've done everything I can think of. Everything else runs fine and smooth. No other problems. Even my most data-intensive programs work fine. I even tried letting it sit for 3 hours in that splash screen hoping it was just a large content update and needed some time but nothing changed. I'm using a Moto Z Force (original owner, not refurbished or used) that is fully updated. This is the splash screen below that it's stuck in:

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    I had the splash screen stay on too except for me it worked after a few restarts.
    Also had the screen stay on with other messages and had to restart.


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      Madfinger games is investigating this. Apologies all around. Gmail messed up somehow and I wasn't getting their response until now and they replied a while ago. It's weird, that happened with another email in Gmail a few weeks ago. I've never had that problem with Gmail before.

      They told me they've been getting a number of complaints about this and it appears you're one of them. They asked me if I was using the US East server and if I had the server choice on automatic. It was on both of those but I can't change that now because I reinstalled the game and I have no control over that until the game works, and that option becomes available again. So it turns out that resetting and reinstalling the game was probably not the best idea in this specific case.

      I told them the model of phone you're using, what's happening with your game, and that your complaint is in their message board.

      My friend who programs and bug fixes games told me that it definitely sounds like a server issue. He said it sounds like the phone is waiting for a response from the server but it's not getting one so it's just sitting there indefinitely stuck waiting for an answer. I'm not sure what my phone could possibly have in common with yours or what the difference in commonality would be between the two that would cause your's to crash and mine to sit waiting, which I also mentioned in my response to madfingergames' email.
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        US East has been a problem in the past, that's why they added another server for US East.
        I haven't seen this problem in about a week & it usually only lasts a day.
        When it does start acting up, it's after a game update.


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          I do remember them updating the content in the game. I think it start happening soon after that. They could have also changed something with the server. I know they've changed something in the past that bit them in the butt earlier that caused a lot of people's games to stop working on US East. Like you said, US East has been a problem in the past.

          My programmer friend said that it's probably some network problem or weird condition they aren't handling right. But without seeing it for himself he can't be sure.

          I'm going to be gone for a little bit. I have to switch phones for a little bit and I also have to go to a doctor appointment, among some other things that are going to take a lot of my time. I might not even be back for a week. I hope this is solved by then. Best of luck to everyone getting this issue fixed. Hopefully the issue will be fixed by the time I get back. Don't stop talking about it though. Any information can help them figure out what's causing this. If you have any information about this bug, please either contact madfinger games through email or say something in the message board, either in this topic or another. We need to get this fixed. Customers are getting angry.
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            This occurred for me also, and couldn't play for 24 hours and it took 2 uninstall/installs for it to work again.
            Sadly the crew I generally play with daily have not been back on since over a week later.
            This is on the Asia server.