You can restore your progress by logging in to Facebook. to Google Play Games/iOS Game Center, and the MADFINGER account (your email address), depending on the platform you linked your progress to.

For Android users, please make sure that you have the Google Play Games app installed and you are logged in.

When you start the game, select the correct Google Play Games account/Game Center account and your account will be loaded:

If you have your account connect to Facebook or the MADFINGER Account, you can begin restoring your account from the Character creation screen. Tap on Account (on the left-hand bottom corner) to get to the login screen:

If you are already in the game, go to Options and then the Player tab:

To recover your account, linked to Google Play Games, Game Center, or Facebook, tap on the respective button (Goole Play Games, Game Center, or Facebook) and wait for the account selection window to pop up. There, select the account you want to restore.

Recovering your account using the MADFINGER Account:

Enter your email address to the empty field and tap on Send Verification Email. A confirmation will appear:

Tap OK and go to your email inbox. You will receive an email to link your email to Shadowgun Legends. Tap on LINK EMAIL.

After you tap the link, the game will start automatically and you will get to the account selection. You will be able to select your account and restore it:

If you have trouble restoring your account at any point or if you did not link your account to any of the mentioned platforms, send us a message using the Submit request button below or directly from the game (Options --> About --> Help and support).