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  • Old Game Data in Google Play

    Madfinger Games was able to fix this issue for me after a few back and forth emails. I did have to send a video demonstrating the problem as a thorough description was apparently not clear enough, but that was not difficult and didn't take too much time. Thanks MFG for your assistance and making such a good fps.

    Original Post:
    I've seen others having this issue, but cannot find a solution. I currently have a 27 Shadowgun, which is good and what I want to keep. When I try to connect to Google Play in the game settings, there is an old level 3 or something Shadowgun which I must've created a long time ago and had forgotten about. The screen gives me two choices: on the left is my low level unwanted SG. On the right is my 27 SG which I don't want to lose. Both have a single button that says "use old," but the left one (low level and unwanted) also says something like "you will lose all progress." I've tried multiple times selecting the right, 27 SG, but it doesn't seem to stick and the low level SG never goes away. I have also linked to Madfinger Games in the app and then deleted all data within Google Play specifically for Shadowgun, restarted the phone and logged back in. Had to reconfigure my in game settings, but the old SG did not go away. Is there a way to delete my old character without losing my current one? I'm paranoid about losing it. I will definitely be done with the game if it gets lost, so please don't anybody suggest something that might cause that. Thanks for listening. Please help.
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    I have the same problem, I checked out the game back in 2019 and and got a lvl 1 on GPlay and my email address.

    Now, I made it to lvl 24 but it didn't save it on either of those accounts, but it somehow keeps that lvl 1.

    I wanted to restore the lvl 24 after a factory reset, but it gave me the option to restore the old lvl 1 I made 3 years ago, the lvl 24 doesn't even show up.

    I've only played to for 2 weeks and only bought the Starter Bundle, but I still feel bad about the lost progress.
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      I think the choices are use "Old or "Current".