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Will this game have gamepad support

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  • Will this game have gamepad support

    I like your games but I want to know can I play this game with a gamepad, the reason why I'm asking because I don't like playing mobile games with touch screen it is really hard to move around and shoot with your fingers. Thank you for your time

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    Hi there! Shadowgun: Legends supports the following controllers: Steelseries Nimbus, Steelseries Stratus XL, Nvidia shield controller, Xbox one controller, Asus Gamepad and Gamevice 157.

    You can also customize the controller layout, so you should be also able to play with controllers made by other manufacturers.


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      I have a Steelseries Nimbus and it works really well with the game. I prefer to use the touch screen myself, but if you like controllers, you can’t go wrong with the Numbus. 9that is, if you are an iOS user.)


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        does this game support Gamesir G4s?


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          Are there any 2019 Updates yet? Anyone knows if a logitech f710 will work?


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            I second Mike, I also just got the Gamesir G4 and the triggers aren't working for this game only. The mapping is there in the game controls section but the action isn't registering.

            Edit: just downloaded Unkilled and Modern Combat and the controller works fine in that game so the issue is related to Shadowgun Legends.
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              When will this be compatible