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  • Redesign your account management system

    Hi MFG Team,

    I've enjoyed the game until level 24, when I had to reinstall the game after a phone factory reset.

    Before that, I was logged in to Google Play when I created my character and I've even registered to a Madfinger account using an email address for good measure. I was certain my progress was being saved.

    After the phone factory reset, neither Google Play, nor the email address were able to restore my character. Instead, I was presented with an account selection screen with an old level 1 character with a default name like "Shadow83jfkm" on the left and an option to "+ start a new account" on the right.

    To test the sync, I started a new character, logged in to Google Play and the MadFinger account, got to level 8, cleared the game data to start fresh and tried to restore. I've been presented with the same lvl 1 character again, but the level 8 didn't show up.

    I think that the account management system needs to be redesigned:

    Instead of letting the users create a character and then giving the option to log in different providers to save and sync their progress, have the users create an account BEFORE playing, and bind the character to the account right away.

    I only played for 2 weeks, but I still feel bad for losing my progress and now I'm reluctant to start again seeing that my second character wasn't restored either.

    I know that the current system is more convenient (input an email address and click on a link or log in to FB and GPlay during character creation or after it), but it's also prone to bugs and an overall bad UX.


    PS: I've found an old email from 2019 on the address I've registered with now. See screenshot below. Maybe I tried it back then and forgotten about it and that's what caused the problem. In any case, this old trial from 3 years ago shouldn't affect my experience now.
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    Hi Mike, may I ask you please if is possible to send all your issue problems to our customer support: Thank you very much and have a good day. Tomas