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  • Beta feedback and suggestions

    Please, feel free to share your feedback and suggestions about Shadowgun War Games beta.

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    Heyo guys I'm having a BLAST with the game and cant wait for everyone to play it i want to give some feedback if i may

    The game runs very smooth and match making is super fast a fresh welcome compared to legends queuing time.

    Sensitivity is kinda off and the position of the buttons make it a little different but i know u guys are working hard on that so no sweat for now auto fire is the way to go through its not my preference lol

    If i may suggest an idea i believe a auto run feature would benefit in the game it doesn't need a button but if the player in moving forward for a certain amount of time it will start to auto run giving the playera a little more freedom to look around.

    Othen that im loving the game great job keep up the great work!


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      Hey MaxGamer,

      first of all, thank you for the kind words and feedback, we really appreciate it. The sensitivity tuning is on our radar and we will be tweaking it to improve it for all players, while the button layout customization will be included when the game is released at the latest.

      As for the auto-run feature, are you aware that if you move forward and slide your finger a bit more in the direction of your movement, you will start to run? We employ this system in Shadowgun Legends as well, but without a tutorial in War Games, some players might not be aware. Just letting you, in case you weren't


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        Can't connect to the server and I'm not sure if it's a maintenance issue. I'll give it a few hours and try again. I know progress isn't being saved(I think), but I'll reinstall if I can't get connected. Maybe later today or tomorrow. Also, restarting and clearing the cache didn't help.


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          ...back in the game.

          ps..I hate the damn captcha required to post... pictures never work.


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            Hi, sorry, we had a short outage, thank you for reporting it!

            As for the captcha - I feel the pain, but it is a protection tool


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              The captcha comment was more towards my frustrations w/ the site host. It's an extremely old security measure in the digital world. It's also been cracked. And no way am I responding to the audio questions correctly. That's one loose algorithm. xD


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                This will be my detailed first impressions review of Shadowgun War Games. I hope I can clearly communicate my thoughts and opinions.

                First of all, massive thanks to Martin Panacek and Marek Štěpánek for the invite and support via email. I have been playing Madfinger games since the last 7 years, starting from Samurai and Dead Trigger 1 all the way to Shadowgun Legends and Unkilled. I play on all platforms(PC, console and mobile) and Madfinger is one of the top mobile devs in my opinion, along with Gameloft, Supercell and Tencent Games.

                As a person who has accumulated around 3500 hours over Overwatch, Paladins, CSGO, Modern Combat series and dabbled in other games like Apex Legends, COD and Battlefield, the inspirations and overall game dynamics of SWG are obvious from the get-go. This is not a bad thing in my opinion, but from a journalism point of view (and some over the top fandoms) I imagine people will be calling it a 'clone' for quite a while. Still, I think the overall amalgamation of ideas is decent enough to make SWG one of a kind shooter on mobile at least. But as we know the devil is in the details, so let's dive in.

                Interface: The first thing that meets you when you launch the game, I am happy to say that the interface looks great, the icons are clean and easy to distinguish and the overall look and feel is cohesive and sharp without being too colourful or bloated. I do not see much room for improvement here, especially considering that some of the older games like dead trigger were absolutely littered with icons and buttons that could have been easily organised. That said, I do think that the font style you guys have chosen for the countdown numbers and the like is a bit too close to Overwatch, perhaps try another style without changing the overall visibility. Also, consider improving the legibility of the health bar against similarly coloured backgrounds on maps. One thing that would be cool, but perhaps may take some time, is the ability to see the main screen or inspect your character instead of the countdown taking up the whole screen. That can be shifted up top in a separate bar of its own. Another thing that I would like to suggest is replacing the callout when the match starts according to the game mode (ATTACK!, CAPTURE THE FLAG!, DEATHMATCH!)

                Sound: This area is where SWG really shines. The music department really deserves a raise, but then again Madfinger have always had great sound design in their games. SWG is probably the best so far as it goes a long way in providing not only each character a unique vocal personality but the match starting music and victory music are catchy and original as well, for example,the feeling of scoring a touchdown with the enemy's flag is greatly emphasised by the triumphant music. Guns and bombs could use a bit of oomph in the bass department, but other than that they work well enough. Also I assume this is being worked on, but more voice lines along with emotes could add even more depth to the characters, as well as characters using quips for effective communication during combat. For comparison, Modern Combat versus has insane sound design, especially for a mobile game, and each of their heroes is immediately likable just because of the execution of voice lines in the select screen.

                : When I was watching the dev diaries, it was stated that the characters' polygon counts were kept just enough to not be too demanding to render while giving them a recognisable outline, and I understood the concept because let's face it, games like these have inherent Esports DNA in them, especially with the welcome option of 90hz in the display settings. The game surprised me with how well the overall fidelity turned out to be, though in my opinion Shadowgun Legends looks better with all the extra particle and post processing effects. Still, the environment detail, character models and items look the part of a properly finished product, miles better than any of the battle royale competitors and holding their own against Modern Combat Versus. Textures are crisp and lighting is immersive, without breaking the flow of combat or affecting visibility in any way. I am very satisfied with the graphics overall.

                Gameplay: The core of any shooter, especially a hero based one, is based on four key pillars in my experience. Hero balance, momentum/fluidity of combat and tightness of controls, game mechanics and map design. For me, the top two games in this genre are Overwatch and Apex Legends, followed by Battlefield and COD. No other FPS has made me more addicted to traversal techniques and trying out new routes and combinations than the aforementioned, and all because the actual playability of the game and its heroes is just as important as its guise. This area requires the most attention in my opinion, because it is like walking a tightrope and games like this have to be kept balanced with every update. The good news is, the heroes feel great to play. They feel different enough to have their own identity but similar enough as to not warrant a total rewire of the brain and muscle memory. Of course, the inevitable mentions of Tracer, Winston, D.Va and Wraith are all there, but seeing as it is, I do not have any gripes with the heroes themselves. I am looking forward to other heroes who have more movement based abilities like flying, wallriding and the like. Speaking of which, map design is acceptable but the insipration from the liked of Li Jiang tower in Overwatch and similar maps is a bit too much in my opinion, given the similar architecture and even time of day. Extra elements like jump pads or sniping spots can be added in future maps for more variety and adaptability.

                However, my main contention is the controls, or lack of them thereof, which I believe the devs are looking at closely right now. Touchscreens can be a bit iffy for FPS games, especially on phones, and while SWG does offer different control schemes, none of them feel great. Auto fire is welcome in a faster paced shooter like this, but I sorely missed the ability to customise the button layout and change the zoomed in sensitivity. It's the equivalent of playing on a really small mousepad, or a controller with locked out joysticks. For reference (controversial as they are) COD mobile offers a much more customisable array of controls. This configuration may work for tablets but it felt really clunky and disconnected on mobile.

                Performance: The game ran well enough on max graphics on my OnePlus 3T, which I guess ensures 60fps gameplay on mid range to higher end devices across the board. I did encounter a few issues, namely the constant server disconnects and the AI of some characters getting 'stuck' to railing and stairs. The AI is supposed to be connected to machine learning but it felt sloppy and too 'mechanical' meaning that is a bot were to join an actual game it would already be a lost game. Again I assume these are being worked on and will get ironed out over time.

                OVERALL, SWG is a solid package that shows it has been built by love and dedication, which is something one cannot say about most mobile games these days. It has a long ay to go to become a staple name like PUBG, but I think it has enough potential to be liked by mobile gaming fans regardless of genre. Please do not abandon the support and keep updating this for years to come, as you guys have a winner on your hands if handled correctly in terms of monetization and patches. Good Luck for the rest of the project!


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                  Tomas | MFG commented
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                  Wow, thank you Daraab, I am impressed by how deep you dug and how much detailed is your review. I would say you are a very talented journalist I hope the full version of War games brings much more fun to you. Have a great day, bro.