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  • Known issues

    These issues are currently known and confirmed. They will be fixed and you don't need to report them again
    1. Sometimes freezes after Network Connection Error. Restart the app.
    2. After dying and respawning while in Options, can't shoot if using certain attack modes (does not affect auto-fire). The issue disappears after the next respawn.
    3. Bad icon for player disconnected during warmup or hero selection. Functionality is otherwise unaffected.
    4. iOS-specific: Unable to find new matches after locking device during matchmaking. Restart the app.
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    I found a bug when looking side to side it unexpectedly looksup to the sky by itself lol


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      Do you know how to reproduce it? Possibly on a video? We're not sure what happens and doesn't seem to happen on my end.


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        There's a minor bug after the match ends. Half the time the achievements and xp earned isn't shown properly. It seems they're too far to the left. Occasionally you can see part of the last one.

        On a Note9,mostly stock(not rooted), using an Xbox One S controller, w/ the Samsung's HD performance mode on.. I'll play around w/ the other modes later, since they change the aspect ratio in some apps. I'll update this if anything changes.


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          Thank you for the report, we have seen it happen on an iPad, so probably not tied to your device. Good to know


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            I found a bug/glitch or possibly a 3rd person mode that will be an option. It happened while playing against another player. I'm pretty sure the rest were bots. The player may have disconnected, but it also showed me disconnected. The TPV lasted until I died. It was actually kinda nice to see what the abilities looked like when using them, but I'd prefer to play in FPV mode only.

            Here's a few things I've observed so far. The bots are mostly useless teammates in capture the flag. Bots can track, and shoot through walls. The tracking part happens most of the time, and shooting happens enough to take notice...Sara launched a rocket through one earlier today. Bots also get stuck(?) in random spots up against the wall. I tried restarting a match b/c I had a couple stuck, and now know it's not hosted like SGL..not yet anyway.

            This might be my device, but anyone having issues w/ a controller not working in the game..turn it on after the games running. Initially when I started playing, my controller was on before starting the game...the last day or so it has to be turned on after. That's an Xbox One S, on Android (Note9).

            One last do you shoot Sara's rocket launcher? I get 2 red, circled X's on screen, and nothing happens when I pull the trigger. I tried holding it down in case it had to charge..even hit all the other buttons, but nothing. I'm guessing it's my controller, and might be a minor glitch. I'll test another controller, and update this if anything changes. I did try using the touchscreen to fire, but my controller was still connected.. possibly overrides the touchscreen controls.

            Hopefully this is coherent..too lazy to proof read. 😁


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              Follow up to my last post. The issue w/ Sara's primary weapon is also present w/ problem w/ any other characters. It's related to using a controller(Xbox One's) and there's no issue firing using the touchscreen only.. the controller can not be connected. I tested a PS4 controller, but it's not mapped properly making it useless to use(currently).

              The screenshots show the red circled X's, and a couple bots stuck.


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                Thank you for the reports. The bots still have a way to go but they learn every day.

                The red circles are a part of the one-tap ADS on touch control. The fact that they show up using a controller is not probably correct. We will take a look.


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                  I cycled through the firing mode options w/ the controller connected, but got the same results. If you guys need anymore info or want me to test anything else out, let me know. 👍