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  • Ranked scoring system

    The scoring system in the ranked is awfully rough. It effectively nullifies all the progress made. See the photo: +1, +2, +0 for three wins, then -13 for a single loss. Wtf?

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    Ctf is an instant degrader in ranked match.


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      Also, when winning a ranked CTF match, aftermatch scoring gave me -9 points for losing Zone Control. This is getting somewhat frustrating :)


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        Recent 0.2.2 fixed some of the problems but not all. Ranked matches now sometimes skip scoring completely (i.e., no points for victory) and fetching the player profile results in the error message, which, of course, is better than the game completely crashing while fetching the profile like the previous version did on my 2018 11" iPad Pro. Btw, my 2015 iPad Pro 12.9" never had any problems related to fetching the player profile. How on earth this can be hardware-dependent? It is unfortunate that this game, which has awesome design, graphics, gameplay mechanics etc., suffers from so seemingly trivial bugs. I feel like a beta tester who has bought two season passes :-/


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          They fixed the problem about points 😜